Cherry Infused Vodka

Cherry Infused Vodka

A great way to preserve fruits outside of season to make infused alcohol. Cherry infused vodka makes the most delicious liqueur but also, use this as a base for cocktails or serve neat.


Enjoy a shot of Cherry Infused Vodka in a glass of prosecco

Fruits to infuse in Vodka

You can experiment with different fruits, this works well with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, damsons, rhubarb and so much more! Depending on what you have available, be sure to stock up and preserve for a later time!

You can also use the same method to make Gin infusions. Simply combine the alcohol, fruit and sugar and leave it to steep for at least a month. Strain out the fruits and viola! For cherries, you don’t even need to remove the pit.

There is a lot of recipes for infused vodkas which don’t use sugar as the fruits already contain natural sugars. I always do, but for a healthier version you can skip the sugar.


Blueberry Infused Vodka

Try the same method with different fruits. Be sure to save the berries to make boozy crumble!

What brand to use for vodka infusion?

Regarding the vodka quality, I usually use any brand of vodka usually a Polish brand as I know it’s good but not expensive. The fruits bring such strong, sweet, amazing flavour I tend not to go for expensive vodka here. 

Christmas Hamper

I love to make this in bulk and give as gifts at Christmas. Get some taster size bottles and decant to put in a hamper for your loved ones. We have more great recipes to add into a food hamper for Christmas gifts, check them out here and let us know how you get on!

Christmas Hamper Recipes

Cherry Vodka recipe

Cherry Infused Vodka

Steeping fruits in Vodka is an easy way of preserving, see our step by step on how to make a delicious drink here.
Prep Time 5 mins
1 month for steeping 28 d


  • Adjust the measurements based on the quantities you want to make. I usually use any brand of vodka, as the fruits bring amazing flavour I tend not to go for expensive vodka here. 
  • Firstly, if using fresh cherries, no need to remove the stones, just score the cherries to ensure they have chance to release all the flavour! 
  • Pour all the ingredients into a seal-able container and shake well to mix. Leave in a cool, dry place for at least 1 month. Every week or so, shake the container to ensure all the sugar gets dissolved.  
  • After 1 month (or leave for up to 2 months if able!), sieve out the cherries and sediments and decant the vodka into a clean, sterilized bottle (see tips on this here) and label ready to use!  
    Be sure to use the alcohol soaked fruits to make a boozy fruit crumble! 

Vodka is made from potatoes.

Potatoes are are vegetable.

you’re welcome.

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