7 foods that are cheaper to make than buy

7 foods that are cheaper to make than buy

…with minimal effort!!

At Preserved Kitchen, we believe in making as much as you can from scratch. The list could be endless of foods you should make instead of buy. So we have come up with a list of top 7 foods that are cheaper to make than buy and with minimal effort. This list of the best things to make at home to save money and have healthy food from scratch. These easy & simple recipes are worth making yourself. Let us know if you find these foods to try making useful!

1. Oat Milk

Fully natural dairy-free milk is so easy, it is 2400% percent more to buy than make yourself! See our easy recipe how to make it here.

Store cost: €2.50 for 1 litre

Homemade cost: 50 cent for 5 litres

Time required: under 10 minutes

No. of ingredients: 2

Natural & healthy Oat Milk in 5 minutes

2. Seasonings

We have a lot of useful recipes for seasonings here, such as DIY Curry Powder, Garam Masala, Harissa Seasoning and Faijta Mix for tacos. Anything from chicken to pizza seasonings. Once you combine the needed spices in a jar, they will last in your cupboard for months so are worth the effort.

The below is based on our DIY Garam Masala spice mix.

Store cost: €3.99 for 75g

Homemade cost: 72 cent for 75g

Time required: under 5 minutes

No. of ingredients: 7

Want more seasoning inspiration? Try our Fajita Seasoning Mix

Perfect seasoning for tacos, burritos and Mexican dishes!

3. Vanilla Extract

Homemade vanilla extract is actually very simple to make it just needs time to infuse. So whilst you are using up your store bought bottle, get makings your homemade extract so you’ll never need to buy again. All you need is to infuse vanilla in vodka and after a few weeks it will be delicious extract. Use the same method to create lemon & orange extract too.

Check out more infusion recipes like out homemade coffee liqueur & Mulled Gin!

Store cost: €22 for 120ml

Homemade cost: €14.50 for 200ml

Time required: under 5 minutes (needs minimum 8 weeks to infuse)

No. of ingredients: 2

4. Peanut Butter

This is so much simpler than you think. Many store bought peanut butters contain preservatives and high salt content so making it yourself is also a healthier option. All you need is a high powered blender and some peanuts. After about 10 minutes of grinding the peanuts, they will eventually turn into the perfect buttered texture!

Store cost: €3.99 for 350g

Homemade cost: €1.20 for 350g

Time required: under 10 minutes

No. of ingredients: 1

5. Powdered Sugar aka icing sugar aka confectioner’s sugar

Super easy to make from just 2 ingredients in your cupboard for under 5 minutes. Make this in bulk so you never have to buy again! See our recipe on how to make icing sugar here.

Store cost: 79 cent for 250g

Homemade cost: 22 cent for 200g

Time required: under 10 minutes

No. of ingredients: 2

Never buy powdered sugar again!

6. Pancake Mix & Cake Mixture

Pancake and Cake batter are extremely easy to make from ingredients you probably already have in the house. The cost difference isn’t so however most store bought mixes will contain E numbers, unnecessary sugar and salt content and often aren’t made using free-range eggs or biological milk so is worth making from home. The below is based on a standard pancake mix recipe, check recipe for pancakes by BBC Good Food here.

Store cost: €1.00 for 250g

Homemade cost: 68 cent for 300g

Time required: under 10 minutes

No. of ingredients: 3

7. Hummus

Check out our Easy Hummus recipe to make in 5 minutes. Making yourself allows you to play with flavours and is certainly healthier than most. In store bought hummus it can range from 300 – 400 kcal per 100g however our recipe contains around 200 kcal per 100g. Whilst you’re on a roll, you can also make you own tahini pretty easy too!

Store cost: €1.65 for 200g

Homemade cost: 0.69 cent for 230g

Time required: 5 minutes

No. of ingredients: 3

Easy Hummus

Have a go at making our easy hummus recipe and adding roast peppers for additional flavours!

Will you try out any of these recipes?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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