Drinks and Desserts

Perhaps the best chapter of the Preserved Kitchen; drinks and desserts. There is so many simple ways in preserving ingredients and if you have a sweet tooth these drinks and desserts recipes are for you.

Drinks & Desserts

Cherry Infused Vodka recipe

Add a dash of cherry infused vodka to your next glass of prosecco!

Ultimate Hot Chocolate Mix is here

Easy to make in bulk and decant as gifts – make sure you save a jar for yourself!

Cranberry Prosecco

Check out our Cranberry Sauce recipe which we use to add a tsp to a glass of prosecco to make a winter cocktail.

Candied Orange

Chocolate Orange dipped in Chocolate is the perfect unique sweet snack

Mulled Gin

The best Christmas drink ever, Mulled Gin. This infused gin recipe creates a delicious winter warmer spiced drink which is perfect for Christmas cocktails and a ideal gifting idea.

Check out all our Drinks and Sweet recipes here…

The best homemade coffee liqueur

Celebrating the festivities over winter, a go-to cocktail is an espresso martini! Using coffee liqueur as a base for cocktails doesn’t get much better! So here is an easy recipe to make homemade coffee liqueur, a copy cat of Kahlua.

Christmas Spiced Nuts

This roasted almonds recipe is a mouth-watering healthy roasted nuts snack, sweet & spicy glazed in cinnamon for Christmas spiced nuts.

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