Drinks and Desserts

Drinks and Desserts

Perhaps the best chapter of the Preserved Kitchen; drinks and desserts. There is so many simple ways in preserving ingredients and if you have a sweet tooth these drinks and desserts recipes are for you.

Drinks & Desserts

Cherry Infused Vodka recipe

Add a dash of cherry infused vodka to your next glass of prosecco!

Ultimate Hot Chocolate Mix is here

Easy to make in bulk and decant as gifts – make sure you save a jar for yourself!

Cranberry Prosecco

Check out our Cranberry Sauce recipe which we use to add a tsp to a glass of prosecco to make a winter cocktail.

Candied Orange

Chocolate Orange dipped in Chocolate is the perfect unique sweet snack

Mulled Gin

The best Christmas drink ever, Mulled Gin. This infused gin recipe creates a delicious winter warmer spiced drink which is perfect for Christmas cocktails and a ideal gifting idea.

Check out all our Drinks and Sweet recipes here…


Summer is looming and to get us in the mood, here is the perfect Aperol Spritz recipe. This cocktail of Aperol, prosecco and soda is the epitome of Italian sunshine. Definitely one of my favourite drinks.

The best homemade coffee liqueur

Celebrating the festivities over winter, a go-to cocktail is an espresso martini! Using coffee liqueur as a base for cocktails doesn’t get much better! So here is an easy recipe to make homemade coffee liqueur, a copy cat of Kahlua.

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