Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices recipes and DIY guide on making your own spices from scratch. A great way to control the ingredients and save money.

DIY spice mixes are so easy to put together and you can store these for months in the cupboard ready to use for seasoning. One of the best things about making your own spice and herb blends is that you have full control of the ingredients. For example, the spice level can easily be controlled if you make it yourself.

If you are like me and prefer to make everything from scratch, storing dry herbs and spices in your cupboard are a cost effective way in the kitchen. Instead of buying ready made sauces and pastes, these ingredients can sit in your cupboard for months.


Try our DIY Curry Powder, add mild curry flavours to your dishes

harrisa seasoning

Add some heat into your dishes with Harissa seasoning

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Fajita Seasoning

Fajita Seasoning

Fajita seasoning is an essential Mexican spice blend, a perfect simple marinade for chicken or steak and seasoning for burritos and tacos. This diy recipe mix is easy to make and low sodium with no added salt or sugar. Gluten free and vegan. Making this fajita seasoning mix better (cheaper & healthier).

Christmas Spice seasoning

Christmas Spice Mix

The essential Christmas spice mix recipe is a winter blend of spices essential for festive baking with wonderful aromatic Christmas spice smells. Perfect for gifting.

Harissa Powder seasoning

Easy Harissa Seasoning

DIY your own Harissa seasoning spice blend, add some chilli heat to your Middle Eastern dishes with this easy dry powder mix blend. Vegan / GF

Dried Orange Slices

Drying Herbs and Citrus

Drying out ingredients like herbs, citrus zests and slices, mushrooms, tomatoes and rose petals is a perfect way to preserve these fresh ingredients, it is really easy to do and let’s you enjoy these for up to 18 months!


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Kitchen hacks

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We are working on bringing to you our Top 10 Basic Spices to keep stocked in your cupboard. Will we share with you the key essential ingredients we always have on hand.

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