Kitchen Tips and Hacks

Kitchen Tips and Hacks

Kitchen Tips and Hacks are my favourite thing; I am all about saving money, reducing waste and being organised in the kitchen! So here are all tips and hacks from the Preserved Kitchen I have learnt along the way.

There is a minefield of cooking hacks which have really helped me fall in love with being in the kitchen. Coming soon our top tips and tricks to avoid food waste. We also have so many unique hacks for the home which I find are life changing.

Striving towards being a zero waste household is difficult especially living in an apartment, but there is so many simple steps to getting there like saving vegetable scraps to make stock. It is also important to support your local market, which is also so much cheaper than groceries. However, if you are like us and a two person household, buying 5 kilos of onions is hard to get through. So our recipes and tips have got you covered whether it is through Freezing Vegetables or Pickling them.

Sharing with you ideas in the kitchen on stocking your pantry; which herbs and spices are best to always have on stock and what spice powders you can actually make yourself!

We are also working toward creating must-haves for kitchen equipment. There is certain essentials which really make cooking so much easier. We also have some great zero waste products to share with you.

One of the most important things is to have fun in the kitchen! I spent years being a frustrated cook however I have shared 15 tips to make cooking instantly more enjoyable! These tips can be done no matter the experience or equipment and guarantee to make cooking more fun.

One tip is to crank up the music!! Follow us on Spotify to listen to our kitchen playlist ‘Cooking on Gas’!

Check out all our Kitchen hacks here…

Weekly Meal Planner

Cooking and meal planning can quickly become a last minute chore during busy times in life. However it doesn’t have to be! Keep reading to discover how to have stress-free planning with one simple, quick and easy weekly meal planner and grocery list!

7 foods that are cheaper to make than buy

a list of top 7 foods that are cheaper to make than buy with minimal effort. This list of the best things to make at home to save money and having healthy food from scratch.

32 genius ways to make food last longer!

a list of top 8 foods that are cheaper to make than buy with minimal effort. This list of the best things to make at home to save money and having healthy food from scratch.

Top ways to preserve food naturally

The ultimate guide for the top ways to preserve food naturally at home, bringing you common methods & examples of food preservation and the definition and principles of how to preserve food naturally.

How to make Icing Sugar

Icing sugar recipe aka confectioners sugar recipe aka powdered sugar recipe is a pantry staple, made up of just 2 ingredients which can easily be made at home under 10 minutes.

15 tips to make cooking instantly more enjoyable

A list of 10 tips on how to make cooking instantly more enjoyable! These easy tips anyone can do no matter the experience level or equipment available, will no doubt increase the fun you have in the kitchen.

How to turn Vegetable Scraps into Stock

I am always trying to reduce kitchen waste but living in an apartment it is difficult to compost so we have the perfect solution to getting the most out of your vegetable cuttings and peels!

Drying Herbs and Citrus

Drying out ingredients like herbs, citrus zests and slices, mushrooms, tomatoes and rose petals is a perfect way to preserve these fresh ingredients, it is really easy to do and let’s you enjoy these for up to 18 months!

How to Freeze Vegetables

One great way to make vegetables last longer to freeze them. I always buy veggies in bulk (it’s so much cheaper) but since we are a small household this technique helps to avoid waste whilst saves time as the veggies are already chopped, precooked and portioned ready to be added to any meal!


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