Weekly Meal Planner

Weekly Meal Planner

…how to keep organised!

Cooking and meal planning can quickly become a last minute chore during busy times in life. However it doesn’t have to be! To be organised means to save time and energy as well as prevent the stress of worrying ‘what to have for dinner tonight!’ Keep reading to discover how to have stress-free planning with one simple, quick and easy weekly meal planner and grocery list!

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Using weekly meal planning will save money by only buying what you need to prepare your recipes. Without meal planning, we often buy impulsively which can lead to wasted money, food and often unhealthy choices. With meal planning, you will eat healthy home cooked meals.


Don’t you hate those long and busy days to come home to an empty fridge. Or worse, realising your fridge is loaded with a random mix of ingredients and having no idea what to cook. What can you make with 10 lemons, half an aubergine and a pot of cottage cheese?! These days were becoming are all too familiar. Resulting in cooking something quick and unhealthy, like a bowl of plain noodles or ordering an expensive take-out just to save the effort.

Until one Sunday evening I was searching through recipes. I was noting down some ingredients I missed on the back of a receipt and forming my grocery list. This idea led me to think more about how much money, energy and time I could save if I just dedicated 10 minutes once a week to plan out the recipes I want to make whilst simultaneously writing the weekly grocery list. From this, I got to my laptop and designed a simple weekly meal planner sheet and printed it off and started to fill it in for the upcoming week.

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In my family meal planner, we are keen to have a period of healthy meals. I spent time planning delicious healthy recipes and that week, we followed our healthy weekly dinner plan. We easily stuck to the healthy recipes as it was organized and the ease of planning was gone, all I needed to do was cook!

With this weekly dinner plan, I set myself a goal to not eat meat the next week. I created a vegetarian meal plan for a week and using the shopping list and planned recipes, easily had a week of delicious meals without meat. The following week created my own vegan weekly meal plan and easily followed through!

Further to this, I realised we stopped needing to go to the local yet more expensive supermarket due to forgotten ingredients or bad planning, using a weekly meal planner on a budget was actually helping us save money too!


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Chose between two designs, the printable menu planner include 7 daily sections where you can write in your planned recipe for that day, the sheet has space for notes and comments. As well as a shopping list section which once complete you can tear off and take to the super market with you! Guaranteed easy weekly meal plan!

How do you like to get organised in the kitchen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • These are really cute! My mom has been using a meal planner ever since I can remember…they really are handy! Thanks for sharing!

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